Bespoke Stairlifts

bespoke stairlifts

When it comes to bespoke stair lifts, you want to ensure that your chosen model meets your needs and looks great in your home. Many manufacturers and dealers offer a wide range of customizations and bonus features that can seem confusing when shopping around online. It’s important to involve a professional in the buying process who can help you measure your staircase for proper fit and talk through your options, including pre-owned and rental lifts. URL

Stairlifts are designed to help people with limited mobility move up and down a staircase safely. They run on a track attached to the wall of your staircase and are operated with remote controls. Some models are powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing them to function even during power outages. Other models have a “mid rail park position” option that allows you to exit the chair from the middle of the stairs and charge it while at rest.

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Many brands of stair lifts have a variety of seat width and upholstery texture options to meet your comfort preferences. Some have swivel seats that allow you to turn your head while using the lift. Many of these lifts also feature controls on the armrest so you don’t have to reach for small buttons or switches. Some even fold the arm and footrest together for easy storage.

Bruno is a popular manufacturer of curved stair lifts and offers a variety of options to make their products more user-friendly. For example, they handcraft their curved rails to better match the curves of your staircase, which helps them achieve a smoother ride. Their Elite Curve stairlift also boasts luxury-quality comfort and a 400-lb weight capacity.

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