Biggest Beauty Trends This Year

Biggest Beauty Trends This Year

Biggest Beauty Trends This Year makeup techniques to nail designs, the ¬†are making waves on Instagram, TikTok, and beyond. As we enter the final stretch of 2023, search volume for some of these trends climbed significantly over the past six months, indicating that they’re poised to stick around for good. To determine the most up-and-coming beauty trends, we looked at Google’s year-on-year search volume for hundreds of beauty topics and ingredients. The top 10 emerging beauty trends are as follows:

Biggest Beauty Trends This Year

Inspired by the glossy, glass-like finish of makeup brushes and sponges, the glass skin trend is all about achieving a tonal, pink-hued, faux-natural glow. The trend pairs well with the clean girl aesthetic that’s dominated social media this year, with products like hyaluronic acid serums and year’s most popular beauty trends hydrating moisturizers taking center stage.

3. Balletcore

Taking cues from the dancers’ apparel and hairstyles, balletcore is all about adding soft pastel shades that evoke a feminine, dreamlike feel to makeup looks. The trend has become a hit with Gen Z, who is pushing back against strict wellness regimens that fail to factor in indulgence and the fact that real life gets messy.

4. Uncanny Valley Makeup

The “uncanny valley makeup” trend has been a major success on TikTok this year, with users applying makeup to their faces that gives them an otherworldly appearance. The trend has prompted many companies to launch face masks that target specific skin imperfections to create a more human appearance.

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