Blade Helicopters Is an Exciting Hobby

If you’re looking for RC helicopter videos there is a lot to choose from but two of the best ones I’ve seen are RC Helicopter videos by Melissa Tomkiel and blade helicopters by BladeRiderz. Both offer excellent quality and great videos with many options to make your flying experience as smooth as possible. If you’re new to the world of remote controlled helicopters this may be your first choice and if you’re an experienced flyer then the second might just prove to be the better of the two.

Blade Helicopters – The Newest Models

RC helicopters by Melissa Tomkiel is easy to find on many popular search engines. You can buy her radio system on Amazon for under $100 and get access to the two channels she offers on her website. The two are compatible and work well together so if you already own a radio system you may want to consider upgrading to this model. The range is quite decent and even includes a transmitter for those times when you’re not in the air. There is limited remote control system available for this model and with the limited range, it would make a good candidate for RC enthusiasts only. I do recommend checking out the other two websites though if you’re serious about this hobby.

For those of you who are more interested in RC trucks, RC Bladedancerz offers a much larger variety of models. If you have never seen a helicopter flying over the grass before, it’s definitely a unique experience and the sound of the blades cutting through the grass is awesome. You’ll need more than just the videos from Melissa Tomkiel to satisfy your interest though, you’ll also need to look at the videos by Edger Allen for a feel of what this hobby is really like. This may be a more difficult hobby to get started with so it’s a good idea to take a beginner’s approach and learn from the start where you can help your transition into the wonderful world of RC helicopters.

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