Bluetti AC300 – A New Era of Solar Power

ac300 bluetti

Bluetti AC300 – A New Era of Solar Power

The ac300 is one of the first products from bluetti to be 100% modular, meaning that it supports attachable battery packs. These batteries allow the unit to store large amounts of solar energy for later use, and are essential for its surge-resilient inverter and other features that make it stand out from the rest. URL bluetti ac300 power station | ShopSolarKits.com

It comes with a LifePO4 battery that should be able to recharge 2,500 times, giving you several years of use before it requires replacement. It also has a huge LCD touchscreen that’s easy to read and control.

What Sets the AC300 Bluetti Apart from Other Portable Power Stations on the Market

What’s more, the AC300 is designed to be easy to use, with an app that lets you program your devices and get notifications about charging status. It also includes a built-in UPS system that ensures that your devices get enough power even during unstable power conditions.

Modularity and Portability – The AC300 is fully modular, which means that it can accept a number of expansion battery modules to boost its capacity to 12,288Wh. The modularity of the product is a big deal because it reduces weight and makes it easier to carry around – you can just take each module with you, rather than carrying the entire thing in one go.

The battery modules are also small and portable, so you can transport them in a backpack or even in your suitcase. Plus, you can connect multiple modules in a series to extend your battery storage and power your home off the grid.

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