Cart Pens

cart pens

Cart Pen, otherwise known as writing-pad is a small mechanical pencil made especially for the purpose of writing notes and other information. The mechanism which allows you to write on it consists of a barrel-shaped metallic material with a hole in the top portion. In case your fingers slip into this hole and you are not able to pull your hand out, then a small spring would push your hand out of the hole.


Cart Pen has gained great popularity among many students and young people for its ease of use. As compared to ballpoint pen or rollerball pen, this pen has a very small reservoir that holds enough ink for everyday writing. Due to its small reservoir and more ink capacity, it does not require frequent refills and can be refilled with ink when needed. The nib of this pen is of a metal, which makes the writing smooth and precise.


While most of the pens have an elegant design and are available in a variety of colors, the carts have a more elegant touch and are available in various elegant colors such as black, burgundy, blue, green and brown. There is a very popular pen for every occasion and being given as gifts include: Wedding Pens, Mothers Day Pens, Christmas Pens, Anniversary Pens, Birthday Pens and Special Occasions Pens. The prices of these carts vary from different companies and can be bought either from the company itself or from the market. So make a wise choice today.

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