Heavy Duty Casters

heavy duty casters

Heavy duty casters are a great addition to any warehouse, workshop or office. These casters help move large and heavy objects around more easily, which helps increase productivity. Read more

What to Look For In A Heavy Duty Caster

Choosing the right heavy duty caster wheel for your needs is very important. You should consider the load rating, material, and size of the caster wheel before purchasing.

The Top Safety Considerations When Using Heavy Duty Casters

The load rating is a good indicator of how much weight the caster can handle without breaking or wearing down quickly. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s catalog to find out the permissible load rating of a caster before you buy one.


The quality of the material used is also an important factor in selecting the right caster wheel for your application. Materials like polyurethane and iron offer excellent weight-bearing capacity. They are also very resistant to wear and tear, so they last a long time.

Wheel Size

The overall diameter of the caster wheel is another important factor in determining the strength and durability of the caster. A smaller wheel size is ideal for flat surfaces while a larger one is preferred when the surface is uneven.

Shock Absorption

Many heavy duty casters feature shock absorbency to protect sensitive transport goods from bumping and jarring during transport. These casters are perfect for carts and trucks that must traverse outdoor environments, uneven floors, and over obstructions.

There are many different types of heavy duty caster wheels available on the market today. They all vary in price, material, and load-bearing capacities. However, some of the more popular choices include rubber, aluminum, and polyurethane.

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