How to Make Color Block Curtains

Color block curtains add a bold look to a window treatment. Depending on the colors you choose, they can either draw attention to the windows themselves or complement the room’s accent color scheme. The colors you select can also impact how much light the curtains block out. Blackout fabrics are the thickest and tend to block out the most light. Dim-out fabrics are lighter, and they create a soft glow rather than total darkness, making them ideal for rooms like TV rooms where complete darkness isn’t needed.

If you’re interested in making your own color block curtains, start by calculating the measurements you need to cut your fabric pieces. Make sure you have a ruler or tape measure handy to ensure accuracy. Once the fabrics are cut, iron each piece flat with the right side facing up. Then, sew the pieces together using a straight stitch. You can finish the curtains by adding a rod pocket or other heading method before hanging them.

Transform Your Space with Color Block Curtains: A Stylish Guide

You can also purchase custom color block curtains online. For example, Pottery Barn offers a set of curtains that allow you to design your own size and width. Simply enter your window measurements into their website, and the drapes will be made to your specifications.

During our testing of these panels, we found that they blocked out a substantial amount of light while still allowing in a good amount of sunlight. They’re also hung via a rod pocket, which is more flexible than grommets or back tabs.

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