How to Purchase Psilocybin Legally

Psilocybin online is a powerful hallucinogen found in psychedelic mushrooms. It is used for spiritual, therapeutic, and recreational purposes, and is known to have a positive impact on mental health. People who are interested in consuming psilocybin often wonder how they can obtain it legally.

While drug policy reform efforts have made the enforcement of laws prohibiting the personal possession of psilocybin and entheogenic plants a lower priority for law enforcement, police departments, county sheriff’s offices, state police, district attorneys, and, at the federal level, the Drug Enforcement Administration can still enforce those laws. To ensure that this does not occur, the Initiative would remove psilocybin from the list of Schedule I drugs and thus provide stronger protections against arrest.

How is Oregon’s legalization of psilocybin different from our legalization of marijuana

The Initiative also allows for legal “healing centers” where people will be able to pay for a supervised psilocybin experience. In these places, clients will ingest the mushroom on site under the guidance of a licensed professional.

To purchase psilocybin, the first step is to find a reputable dealer or grower. A buyer should be sure to ask the seller questions about the strains they sell, their growing conditions, and how they dry their mushrooms. They should also ask about the safety of their products.

The next step is to purchase spores for cultivating a specific species of mushroom. Spores are hardened masses of mycelium that the fungus produces underground. They are a way for the fungus to store nutrients and survive long periods of drought. Spores can be purchased online, and a simple search of “psilocybin spores” in Google shows that there are many vendors selling them.

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