Lock Pick Equipment

lock pick equipment

Whether you are picking lock pick equipment for fun or profession, having the right lock pick equipment is essential to success. Having the wrong set can make lock picking tedious and frustrating, or even impossible. High quality, dependable lock pick sets are available from many retailers and can help you progress your skill as well as your efficiency.

Unlocking the Secrets: Exploring the Art of Lock Picking

The most common pick is the half diamond, which has a wide offset and a round tip that reduces pin slippage compared to pointed ends. This makes it great for raking and also allows you to pivot and curve it around pin stacks to reach radically short pins or even those that are tucked tight behind longer ones. However, its size can sometimes make it clunky in smaller, paracentric keyways or even those with heavy warding.

Another common pick is the snake rake, also known as a C rake or squiggly rake. These picks are designed to rake by rapidly sliding the pick past all of the pin height keys and then bouncing it across the shear line to lift them up to their pin heights. This method requires less skill than picking pins one at a time and is particularly useful for cheap locks. Advanced rakes are also machined to mimic various pin height key positions, which makes them a lot easier to use as well.

Tubular lock picks are specialized lock picking tools used to open tubular pin tumbler locks. These are typically inserted into the lock and then pushed down until they reach all of the driver pins and are held in place by their binding points. This allows the shackle to be picked up from its shear plane and the lock opened. While these aren’t the most elegant or thoughtful of tools, they are very effective and can be incredibly useful in day-to-day situations such as getting locked out of a car or even in a zombie apocalypse.

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