Penn Housing – How to Find Off-Campus Housing

When you’re a first-year student, living on campus is essential to your college experience. All freshman students are required to live in one of Penn’s 18 residence halls or college houses and purchase a meal plan for the duration of their time here at the University. This requirement can only be waived if you meet the criteria.

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If you’re a junior or senior, the housing requirements aren’t as strict. But there’s still a lot to keep in mind when looking for upenn housing. Using resources like Campus Apartments, University City Associates and University Realty can help you find the perfect rental.

As it stands, Penn has a reputation for being unfriendly to its neighbors. The protests of the UC Townhomes residents are just the latest example of that. The well-meaning ideologues at the heart of this protest don’t realize that by attacking Penn, they’re undermining their own cause.

Penn’s mandatory housing policy was a good idea, but it needs to be implemented better. The University can’t simply talk about the importance of community and support while continuing to operate a housing system that has problems like rodent infestation in Kings Court English House, flooding in Harrison and mold in Rodin. If the University wants to remain true to its ethos, it needs to address these issues and do so now. It’s the only way to make sure that its mandatory housing policy reflects the values of the school. And it’s the only way to ensure that the university can continue to recruit students who want to attend its schools and contribute to Philadelphia’s community.

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