Retaining Walls Seattle

Retaining walls seattle are designed to hold back soil and prevent it from eroding, particularly in steep areas of the yard. Seattle retaining wall can be constructed from a wide range of materials, including concrete, stone (including flagstones), wood (including railroad ties) and vinyl. The cost of the wall depends on the size and complexity of its design.

What is the easiest DIY retaining wall?

Regardless of material choice, retaining walls can be an excellent addition to any home, providing both function and beauty. A functional retaining wall will prevent soil from spilling onto a house’s foundation or into the street, while a decorative one can be used to terrace a slope for landscaping purposes or to create a garden area.

The construction of a retaining wall is a complex project that requires professional help in order to get it right. Some of the costs involved include land clearing, backfill and drainage. Drainage is important because it will ensure that water doesn’t build up behind the wall, which can cause it to collapse or erode.

Once the excavation has been completed, the retaining wall can be constructed. This process can take up to several days depending on the complexity of the project and weather conditions.

Once the wall has been constructed, it should be backfilled with soil and tamped down to avoid settling. The topsoil should be raked to create a smooth surface, and flowering plants can be planted to distract attention from the wall’s appearance.

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