The Growth of the Gaming Industry in Thailand

Despite the coronavirus pandemic that devastated the gaming community in Thailand, the industry is regaining its momentum. Thailand’s gaming market was reported to be worth over one billion dollars last year. This is expected to rise to over two billion dollars by 2025.

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There is an increasing demand for mobile games, which is driving the fast-growing gaming industry in Thailand. The market is expected to reach over a billion dollars by 2021, according to NewZoo.

Thai gamers prefer simulation games, and they desire complete freedom in these games. They also want a simpler gaming experience. Many classic games have been expanded to mobile platforms, and new constructed retro consoles have also made their way into the market.

Women are more likely to play on mobile. The gaming market is expected to see an annual growth of 15 percent by 2021.

Women are also more likely to purchase playable characters as items. The male market is still predominantly console-based. The esports scene has also helped foster the popularity of gaming.

The Thai gaming industry is still early in its development, but it is growing rapidly. The government has recognized its potential, and has supported the industry’s growth. The government is also creating a national master plan to guide the sector’s development.

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