Water Tank Cleaning in Malaysia

water tank cleaning in Malaysia

Professional water tank repair in Malaysia is a task that may seem complicated, but it is actually a very simple process. Water tanks are often located underground, so cleaning them yourself is quite straightforward. But if you aren’t sure how to go about it, you can always hire a local cleaner, or a specialist company, which specializes in cleaning overhead and underground water tanks. In Malaysia, water tank cleaning facilities are readily available in all major cities, so you can find one in your area.

You Can Clean The Interior Of The Tank

If you’re in Malaysia, you’ll find that most water tanks are plastic, also known as PE (polyethylene) tanks. Poly tanks are popular among Malaysians because they’re cheap and lightweight. Plus, they’re also more leak proof and rust-resistant than stainless steel tanks. Furthermore, they’re easy to install and transport, making them the preferred choice of most people. Most plastic tanks are square, so you can expect that cleaning will be easy.

While water tank sizes vary, most are between seventy to one hundred and fifty liters in capacity. The largest water tank in Malaysia holds 100,000 liters. A small household of two people can easily manage with a tank of 300 or 500 liters. Stainless steel water tanks are around RM850, while poly tanks are priced between RM350 and RM500. However, this amount is not enough for an entire family.

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