What Is a Metal Fabricator?

Generally speaking, a Metal Fabricator is an individual who is tasked with constructing or repairing structures. They usually work for construction companies or manufacturing facilities. They study blueprints and determine what type of materials they will need. They may use various processes to shape the materials, such as welding or heat treating.

Is metal fabrication an engineer?

The fabrication process typically consists of three stages. The first is the design phase, which clarifies what type of metal will be used. The second is the manufacturing stage, in which the components are crafted. The last stage is the finishing and assembling of the product. This ensures that the product will function properly and looks good.

The most basic part of the process involves converting sheet metal into a usable product. A fabricator Carolina Fabricators, Inc. will use machinery to shape the metal and fold it. He or she may also print a company’s logo on the finished product.

A Metal Fabricator must have a good understanding of the machine tools they will be using. He or she should also wear appropriate protective clothing. This includes hearing protection.

A Metal Fabricator must have exemplary skills in welding, mechanical aptitude, and good troubleshooting abilities. They must also be able to lift heavy objects. They should also be able to read and understand technical drawings. The AWS or American Welding Society has professional certifications that can give a Metal Fabricator an edge over non-certified workers.

There are several other skills involved in metal fabrication. These include CNC or Computer Numerical Control, or the process of turning a computer program into commands that are interpreted by a machine.

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